Propelling Urban Piping to the Industry Summit: Case Study

Client Overview:

Urban Piping, under the adept leadership of Founder and CEO Graham Drew, stands out in the professional plumbing landscape, offering specialized services in the Poly B sector. With an ambitious roadmap for the company’s advancement, Graham was in pursuit of a marketing ally capable of both envisioning and executing targeted marketing strategies with finesse.

Background and Problem Statement:

Graham brought his vision for Urban Piping’s prosperity to Repipe Marketing, seeking expertise in crafting and applying marketing strategies to meet these lofty aspirations. As Urban Piping flourished, the marketing complexities also intensified, spurred by the escalating competitive dynamics within the industry.

Objectives and Strategy:

Repipe Marketing was committed to realizing the following milestones for Urban Piping:

  • Boosting the volume of leads and enhancing website traffic
  • Amplifying search rankings for highly competitive keywords
  • Positioning Urban Piping as a frontrunner in the industry via public relations and educational initiatives
  • Crafting branding and marketing collateral to bolster growth


In a collaborative effort with Graham, Repipe Marketing devised an all-encompassing digital marketing blueprint. This strategy encompassed local SEO services, online advertising campaigns, graphic and web design, marketing automation, and production services. As the market competition intensified, Repipe Marketing adeptly shifted gears, spearheading an educational public relations campaign. This initiative underscored the criticality of premium service and the engagement of proficient contractors within the Poly B domain.

Results and Impact:

The digital marketing endeavor orchestrated by Repipe Marketing yielded remarkable outcomes for Urban Piping:

  • A staggering 1700% surge in website lead generation
  • A 300% increment in website traffic
  • Achieving front-page visibility on Google for 200 highly contested keywords
  • A triumphant educational outreach initiative
  • Over 1800 home repiping leads in 2023

Repipe Marketing’s holistic marketing methodology, encompassing branding, promotional assets, bespoke clothing, and production services, laid a robust foundation for Urban Piping’s enduring expansion, surpassing initial projections.

Conclusion and Key Takeaways:

Repipe Marketing’s comprehensive and efficacy-centric marketing strategy catalyzed Urban Piping’s evolution from a local plumbing service to a national authority in the industry. By integrating local SEO, public relations, educational programs, and unified branding, the agency exemplified the potency of a diversified approach in securing continuous growth and market dominance. Urban Piping’s narrative accentuates the significance of partnering with a marketing consultant that is both responsive and evolutionary, aligning with the dynamic requisites of an expanding enterprise.